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Trussing and an Equipotential Lines Backdrop

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Hello -


I've been thinking about developing an upstage wall that consists of a surface that bevels out around multiple spheres and is covered with equipotential lines. Below I have added some images for reference. If you take the two different versions, picture the center of the spheres coming out toward the audience, while the areas in between them are further from the audience. There are a few different ways I have though about achieving this, but they are less than ideal.


The first would be to attache a cable matrix to a series of variable length horizontal trusses. This would allow me to create the contours, but wouldn't really allow me to attach fixtures or illuminated deco along the equipotential lines.


The second would be to layer wood cutouts, or similar material, that mimics the desired look if viewed from the audience (see third image). This, however, seems bulky, time consuming, and not flexible should we have to change the wall for a different sized venue.


Is there a technology or technique that I might be missing? Perhaps someone has a better idea on how to achieve this look?




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