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Dupliate Along Path

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VW, Landmark 10.5.1

I'm working in a 1/4":1' scale.

I create a circle or arc of say 8' diameter, then create a rectangle of 4"x6", with the 4" side tangent to the circle, and lying on the interior of the circle.

Now I'd like to use the "duplicate along path" command to copy the rectangle around the interior of the circle. I can only manage to duplicate the rectangle with its centerline along the circle, furthermore, the rectangles 6" side is tangent to the circle, not the 4" side.

Is there something in the combine tool preferences menu that I'm missing here? Does anyone have a "how-to" that describes this?

Thank you,

Will Niccolls

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I've discovered that the short side will remain tangent to the circle or arc if it is parallel to the X (horizontal) axis.

That's mildly annoying as the replication can happen only to once side or the other and it is most convenient to begin at the start of an arc--not in the middle. So I create the arc in the orientation I need, then rotate it so that the start is tanget to the horizontal axis, duplicate the rectangle, then rotate the whole selection of rectangles and arc back to the original orientation.

I guess once I've created these things I'll be able to save them as symbols.

Anyone have a better idea?

Will Niccolls

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Have u tried Edit Group . (Or Control[).It then gives u the option of editing the Path or the profile.

Go into profile And shift the rectangle either side of the centre ,by default it applies it to tha center.And if you have to flip the rectangle 90degrees.

Then control]to get out of the group.

A bit of trial and error then your there.

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If you just want to duplicate the Rects around a circle, you can use the "Duplicate Array..." command in the EDIT menu. The third option is Circular Array and you can either click on the center of the circle to select the center of duplication, or type in the coordinates. To keep the Rects tangent to the circle, make sure the Rotate Duplicates checkbox is selected.



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Brendan, I believe you are talking about the 3d "extrude along path" tool, where the question is about the 2d "duplicate along path" tool.

The interface for the "duplicate along path" tool is a bit non-intuitive, and, frankly, I haven't totally figured it out, but I have been able to get correct results. A couple of things that will help you:

1) The initial position of the object to be duplicated is irrelevant to the result. Its orientation, however, is crucial - as you have noted.

2) The object will only duplicate with its center aligned to the path. To get different results, create a cleverly offset path.

The duplicate array advice is another way to get this kind of result, but it will not generalize to path objects other than a circle.

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There's an easy way to create an offset with "duplicate along path":

- draw the object that you want to duplicate

- convert to symbol, and place your insertion point in relation to the distance you want between the object and the path.

- duplicate the symbol along the path

- if you made a mistake - if the offset is incorrect - then doubleclick on the symbol to edit it, and move the object inside the symbol till the distance is correct.



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I have never quite figured out how to use the Duplicate Along Path Tool. Could someone explain how they use the tool and what drafting task(s) it is useful for?

I have a feeling I am missing something, but I have never been able to figure out how to use this tool. I do use the "Duplicate Array" command often.


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duplicate along path is usefull in the same way as duplicate array. balusters, posts ,colums,etc but it alows for much more flexability in the placement of the duplicates as they will follow a path object which doesn't have to be a streight line or circle

hope that helps


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