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Can someone make a short test for me?

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Someone feel like test, if this script run on your machine? :-) Please save (close) all open Files first.

I saved a file with a marionette PIO on my Sierra Mac Book in the office and it worked perfectly. Now on my iMac at home, this script do not want to run anymore (also sierra).


I started standard-practice for searching the issue:


1. Rename User PlugIn Folder (where the Marionette settings are) --> still crash

2. Copy/Paste Script out of the symbol and run --> worked

3. Rename Symbol --> worked

4. Close all files and revert to the the original file which did not worked before --> worked?!

Maybe a problem with my user cache or user settings. 

5. After restoring my user settings to the old version it is still working .... ok, back to work this will stay a secret




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Dear Dom,


I `ve been downloading your file. On my Windows 10 system it works. Ich doubleclicked on the plugin object, seeing the network.

When leaving the script,reactivating the plugin, it takes a long time (longer than  with most ather networks) until seeing the plugin object, but oke.


I wish you a qonderful weekend!- and good luck for disovering the secret of your issue.

frinedly regards


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I opened your file on a MacBook Pro (15" Mid 2010)/Sierra 10.12.5, I could alter the length and width of the PIOs in the Info Pallet and it worked.

Double clicked the PIO to view the marionette script and closed again, took about 20 seconds to close, but everything worked.


Regards Colin

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Thanks guys


Seems to was an issue on my system. The delay by exit the symbol is normal, because it caches the script and updates all pios which contains the symbol instance.



(longer than  with most ather networks)


This is related to the dimension nodes inside the script. Unfortunately I have no comparison about the speed, because I see no other scripts with dimensions here in the community board.



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