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I got myself a cheap VR headset [iTech VR] to try out web view on my mobile [Samsung Note 3].


The web view 3D model exports ok and can be seen on my pc screen and my phone but the image remains static. I can look around but I can not get the 360 deg walk through to work. I look down and focus the dot on the walk speeds - + and whilst the toggles spin nothing happens and there is no movement. What am I doing wrong?

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Guest AndrewG

@michael john williamsSorry for the late response, but you want to position yourself on the model before going into 360 mode. First drag and drop from the eye cursor onto the model. You will then be placed on a surface. At this point, the 360 controls should work. 


Please check out the in-app help (press the eye, and then press help when you are in first person) for more assistance.




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