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Arc bounding box behavior

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If I draw something that contains arcs with long radii, a bathtub for instance, then the radius centers will often be a long ways from the tub.

If I group things, the bounding box of the group includes all the arc centers. This is a problem because, aside from feeling strange (to move an object but not see its bounding corners), it makes it possible to unintentionally select the group using option marquee (mac). You can have the object out of view, but still select it if you cross through the bounding box. And of course if the bounding box is way larger than the object you can't see its extents when it is not selected.

That means you can inadvertently, and without realizing it, move or delete the object.

Arc centers should be ignored by group bounding boxes.

Note that symbols behave differently. The bounding box always confines itself to the visible elements. Arc centers in noo-noo land are ignored.

Groups should, in my opinion, behave like symbols with respect to bounding boxes.



OSX 10.2.6/VW 10.5.1

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Hi Bruce

While on the subject of Bounding boxes.....

For a simple rectilinear object, the bounding box (and subsequently the dimensions shown in the OIP are the same as the object.

If however the object has Bezier or Arc veticies, the bounding box extends past the object to the verticies and consequently the dimensions in the OIP are not those of the object.

This makes re-sizing and control in general a real pain.

Could this be addressed also??



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