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Recomemdation for Hardware: VW2017 + RE + Vision

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Hy :)


we use until now a HP Z600 double CPU workstation with 2 x Xeon Hexacore with 2,66 GHz, 48 GB Ram, Win 10 and Geforce Nvidia GTX 1070 TI OC+ GTX 960TI OC.


The performance is very bad, no fluend work possible in 3D and combonations in 2D + 3D Files! Also it takes to long to change from wire to open gl and this require to much time :/


the vw support answer us today that vw 2017 will only use one thread and rw max 2 :( so what would be the best configuration for fluend work for a new workstation?


THX and BR from austria

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