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Name a node without passing it to the OIP?


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  • Marionette Maven

There are two ways you could do this: 

1) instead of naming the actual node, put a pass node between that node and the one you were going to wire to and name the pass node. This will allow you to see what's passing through the pass node in your script without exposing it to the object.

2) edit the script of the node and rename it on the Python level. This would require that you remove the first line of code from the script editor that references the external python file, but would allow you to rename the node (for example, you could rename a "string" node to "Name of Class"


I would suggest using the first method just to prevent the need to edit the guts of the nodes, only drawback is slightly more clutter in your network. 

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Thanks for this Marissa, yes opt 1 looks like the way to go; easy  & quick.

Perhaps in the next revision an Ignore Name character might be possible, eg those that I tried but failed with were"





'     '

"    "






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Coming from a Grasshopper environment, this to me is an absolutely essential feature that should not require such a hassle. I hope I have missed something, but now in 2024 it seems like this has still not been dealt with. Any new recommendations as to how to get around it?



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18 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:

@heavy manners No changes have been made at this point. I'll add it to a list of requested enhancements. Can you provide what you imagine a better process would be to display named nodes in the OIP?


Thank you! I think the process is working fine for displaying nodes in the OIP, it's just that it would be very useful, for organisational reasons, to be able to name nodes within the script without having them show up in the OIP. But these two things would clash, I guess (having two name fields), so perhaps a simple checkbox with "show in OIP" and another field for display order could do the trick?

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Or maybe something like is used with Plugin Objects where if the Parameter Name starts with an underscore (_) character (or is it two underscores?) the parameters does not show in the OIP.


I think some type of prefix character is a better option than a check box that you need to keep track of for every named object.


Yes it is slightly inconvenient, but this is programming and we deal with inconvenience of having to do things in a certain way all the time in programming.

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