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I'm new at VectorWorks and trying to learn the program on a new project I'm working on.

I'm trying to draw walls because it seems much more efficient than drawing lines. However, when I draw my 4" wall there is a line down the center of it. Is this suppose to be there? Will that line print? Can I get rid of it?

Under the Wall Preferences I set the separation to 4". The Control Off is 0". Caps is set to both. Type is set to flat. Cavity line offset is set to 0". Cavity Line is set to 0. And I am not using a Filled Cavity. In the Cavity Setup preview it also shows the wall with a line thru the center of it.

I've looked through the manual and have found nothing regarding this "line in the center".

Please Help!

I thank you in advance... [smile]

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