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I am simply trying to scale down some objects in a very rough way so that it can fit on a page and be printed. The only way I know how is to go into the modify menu and scaling it that way. Its a very tedious method of doing this as I am not sure how much I need to scale, and therefore constanly adjusting. Is there a way to have like a sort of scale box where I can simply drag the scale larger and smaller? Essentially I am trying to visually see the scale adjustment with a single command so that I dont need to guesstimate constantly, while re adjusting. Kind of like the scale tool in Autocad and Sketchup


Any help would be really appreciated!

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Until then...  a workaround that eliminates the guessing:


Measure the object and the space you want to fit it to - then let the scale command do the math.

For example if the object measure 5.5 and the space measures 1.25, then input:

1.25 (space size) / 5.5 (object size)  into the scale command and it will be resized to fit.

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Hi Marcb,

you say you want the objects to be scaled for printing and it seems to me that you are printing directly from a design layer. So the usual way to do this is via sheet layer.

- create a viewport of what you want to print on a sheet layer.

- on that sheet layer, scale the viewport via "custom scale". ( First entry in the scale dropdown on the Object Info Palette.)

- print out the sheet.

In this way you can keep your drawing scale unchanged and don't need to scale single objects every time before printing.


If you want, for whatever reason, print directly from a design layer, you can use this method for design layers as well, by editing the scale of the design layer, but keep in mind that you might get confused with the unified view when design layers do not have all the same scale.

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