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Screen Refresh not working



Several people in my office have noticed in VW 2017  that the view doesn't refresh for many operations until you do something else i.e. zoom. The changes function is actioned, but you have to move the drawing to make it refresh and display the change

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It is now over 6 months since JimW's last post on this. I am on 2017 SP4 and the screen refresh issue still exists. It is making me crazy. You execute an action and nothing happens. This makes me think I did something wrong, but in fact the action did execute, but since the screen does not refresh, I have no idea that the change was made. I am spending far too much time in zooming in and out to trigger a screen refresh. is this going to be solved?

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Thanks zoomer, I will give that a try. The engineers at Vectorworks keep saying that their software now rely on the graphics card and to set preferences at "Best". So I got a new video card. However, as I track the processor loading on my "GTX960 4095MB video card", it never goes over 20% usage, and video memory never goes higher than 30%. This leaves me completely confused on how to solve the lagginess and screen redraw issues. I am already not happy having spent money on upgrading to VW2017. I need a straight answer on this before I aimlessly spend thousands of dollars on a new computer, that may or may not solve the issue.

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I am encountering this issue on a new MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Pro chip running Vectorworks 2019.  Every edit requires zooming in or out to get the screen to refresh.  Running the same file on my MacBook Pro Intel For i7 with Mac Os Mojave, there is no problem.

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