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3D Children/People Plug In for Vectorworks?

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Hi I'm a designer for a Playground equipment company in the UK. We do fabulous representations of our Play Equipment Schemes in various environments but are looking to add some atmosphere and soul by including the primary users which are of course children.


So-- I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for recommended 3rd party Plug In software or maybe a low poly "child" 3d models library.


Big Thanks Vectorwork Community!!



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@Andy Broomelldo you have experience with using figures from Renderpeople.com?  If so how do you set up the textures.

I'm finding the figures are showing up with artifacts.  In the pic attached I've highlighted trouble areas.  I get two different sizes  for each character one at 30000kb and the other at 100000 but neither one seems to make a difference.


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@Markvl I've used a handful of them, yes, though not many. I haven't encountered any issues like you're seeing though. Perhaps it varies on a model-by-model basis.


Does the issue persist even with render settings at their highest?


If you right click the texture in the RM and go to Extract Image, do any of the artifacts appear in that image?


It might also have something to do with the lighting in the VW scene. On occasion if I'm having trouble lighting a 3D figure nicely from external sources, I'll go to the figure's texture and set the Reflectivity to Glow (and uncheck "Emit Light"). Then they won't be dependent on external lighting, although this only works in bright scenes because the figures might appear too bright in dimmer scenes.


If you send me the file I could look into more closely to see if there's a way to get rid of the issue.



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