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i'm confused.....

i group a symbol and on the drawing, the palette shows the line weight and layers and class exactly what i want when i print it out, the symbol line weight is different.

i then ungroup the symbol, and make sure the objects are what they should be.

what is confusing is why the symbol shows on the pallete is not printed the way it should be...


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I'm confused.

Are you saying if you draw an object and set the line weight to be something then create a symbol out of the object, the line weight prints different on the object as a symbol than the same exact object without being in the symbol?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm not sure if this is clear, but a symbol contains one or more objects. The lineweight shown on the attribute palette when a symbol is selected is meaningless. Each object in the symbol can have a different lineweight. To check each object, you need to edit the symbol and select each of its component objects.

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i think i got it. it's meaningless to set the symbol's layer and classes in the pallete. The actual layer and classes of that symbol is set in the objects before creating them into a symbol.

i started to clean the drawings by using the active and gray only layers and classes settings to place the symbols and objects to the correct layers and classes.

the print-outs came out fine.

thanks katie and bruce....

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