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Symbols within symbols

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Does anyone experience problems with symbols within symbols, e.g. a flat type symbol within a floor plate symbol referenced into a sheet file, where some of the elements such as doors are not visible in the plot viewport despite all classes being turned on?

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What version of Vectorworks are you using? (Maybe add a signature like mine - click on your user name at the top right, then Account Settings, then Signature in the list on the left hand side)


Is the flat made using the Wall tool? Are you seeing a gap or is the door missing completely? If you're using a much older version of Vectorworks, walls do not behave well in symbols...



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Viewports themselves also have a setting for "Display Planar Objects" and "Project Screen Objects" which could cause some of this embedded geometry to not appear as well, regardless of class or layer visibility.

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