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VWX file name changing from all lower case to ALL CAPS - why ?

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We are running VWX 2014 Architect between a few users in a team. We share all our drawings over a shared dropbox folder. 


We name our files as follows for different parts of the project which are all referenced to each other using referenced design layers : 






Sometimes we've noticed file names changing from ALL CAPS as above, to all lower case - Any idea why this could be happening ? 

I dont think its a dropbox issue as i havnt noticed it happening with any other non VWX files shared in dropbox.

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If you store a file locally instead of in a Dropbox folder (Which is only supported via Project sharing by the way, random strange behavior has been known to come froms toring VWX files directly in cloud storage) does the same issue occur?

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Hi Jim,


Not sure as everything has been in dropbox for the last 4 years or so, i dont remember seeing it happen before then. 


It is a an odd issue as we have probally had hundered of files across different projects and it only seems to have happened once or twice, but wondered if it was a known issue with a standard resolution / work around. 


The cloud storage issue with dropbox never seems to have been a problem for us. I have seen issues when sharing a file mac to PC via dropbox as the PC file system has different illegal characters to mac OSX, but Mac to Mac it always seems to work very well

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1 hour ago, John Whyte said:

I dont think its a dropbox issue as i havnt noticed it happening with any other non VWX files shared in dropbox.


A quick google search for 'Dropbox changing filenames to all caps' brought up a bunch of results, which basically say that this is a long-standing, inconsistent Dropbox bug (which hasn't been acknowledged or addressed by Dropbox). Since it sounds like it does not happen consistently, you may not have noticed if / when it happened before.


Here's a link to one thread over at the Dropbox forum. HTH.

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