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dimensions again

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VW Arch. 10.5.2 windows

Weird behavior, we have a square as a symbol. If you snap to it with the constrained dimension tool, the object rotates!! And if we use the unconstrained one, the dimension rotates.

It only happens with a this box.

also we have the same problem of the dimension not staying in place, snapping away from a corner while trying to dimension the object.

Another bug maybe? Object grouped within a symbol, once you edit the symbol, they are no longer a group? Again it only happened on one instance.

Any advice? thank you

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Can you duplicate the symbol rotating when dimensioning in a new document? (not copying the symbol, but drawing the symbol over again)

The problem with the snapping. Try to turn off Snap to Grid in the constraints palette and see if the idmension snaps to the object.

The third thing - is that happening in the same document as problem 1?

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