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OpenGL renders up to eight lights in a drawing. Why this limit?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
15 minutes ago, cwinterLD said:

Has there been any traction on this issue? Is this improvement something we could expect to see in v2019?


We want to remove the limit yes, but it will not be happening in 2019 unfortunately. The focus this time around was elsewhere, I'll be able to share some details in the coming weeks.

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Maybe it has something to do with the end of OpenGL support by Apple? It is said ‘that OpenGL is woefully out of date for current needs’: 



Last WWDC Apple showed (again) their own Metal as a more modern platform. 


Will VW2020 support this rendering method as well instead of OpenGL?

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So far I can survive with Open GL and create something decent for small projects. With larger projects, the lighting limit is a pain. 


I hope that at some point a decent real time rendering engine wil be implemented in VW. 

I have been playing around with unreal engine, just wish you could have this in your VW workflow instead of open GL.


In 2018 its hard to impress a client with the clunky VW web viewer. 

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