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Section Line Instances in a Section Viewport



Is it possible to have the section lines show up in a section viewport?


I created a floor plan using 'Create Section Viewport' from the clip cube in order to be able to show the cut through the roof.  I also have building sections set up and would like the section lines to show up in the aforementioned floor plan viewport. When i go to a section viewport for one of the building sections and select section line instances, the loft plan viewport is not listed.


My work arounds are to either add the section lines manually using the Section Elevation tool and link them to their respective viewports. Or create a standard viewport as an underlay to the Section Viewport that contains the floor plan. The standard viewport could then contain the section line instances.

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I don't think you can take a section viewport of a section viewport.


However, you can place a section line with the section line tool in annotations and link it to another section viewport created with other means.


Not sure if does what you need, but it's a cool trick.

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