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Rubber Stamp Tool

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Sorry if this has been asked. I did a search of the forums, but couldn't find recent relevant threads. I've recently decided to begin using VW2017. I've been sticking with VW2014 because I have interiorCad. However, InteriorCad hasn't kept up with VW in the upgrade cycle, and I can no longer justify sticking with VW2014 simply for the interiorCad add on.


I used the rubber stamp tool to create incremental numbered or lettered labels for various cabinetry pieces that match the order when sending in to my various cabinet companies. Now, in VW2017, I can't find the rubber stamp tool. I know how to modify work spaces and add tools etc., but couldn't find it there either. Has the tool been eliminated? If so, is there anything similar available to use? 




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Are you certain the tool is called 'rubber stamp'? (I'm not certain there is a tool with such a name).


There are the 'Data Stamp' tool and the 'ID Label' tools, perhaps you're thinking of one of them? Or perhaps it is a tool provided with InteriorCAD?

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@Chris: not about rubber stamp per se, so I'm kind of hijacking the thread.  I am/have been in a similar quandary with interiorCad only providing what I usually need in version 2014, so I am stuck there, except for a few frameless/slab door projects I could do in 2016/17.


So I was wondering, how are things in your workflow using 2017 without the faceframe and frame-and-panel cabinet fronts options available in interiorCad?  Are you using the VW cabinets?  Or modeling everything manually?

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