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Ability to define gaps for Door Tool



  • We must be able to define a ‘Fitting Gap’ for the door leaf (gap between jamb and leaf), which is typically 1 to 3 mm either side of the door and may include smoke seals or weather seals. (If this gap is not supported then we have to make the shim gap or the casing the wrong size to compensate, which apart from being visually wrong also means we can’t schedule accurately).
  • With the above in place we should also then be able to define a minimum clear width, which would be based on a user editable calculation.
  • We must also be able to define the gap between the door leaf and floor ('undercut').
  • And we must to be able to define the shim gap to the top of the door independently of the sides, as this can often be different. In fact you might as well add the ability to define each side independently as well as this can sometimes be the case.


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UK defaults should be as follows:

7 shim gap
32 casing
3 gap
826 leaf
3 gap
32 casing
7 shim gap
= 910 Wide Structural Opening
15 shim gap
32 casing
3 gap
2040 leaf
20 threshold gap
= 2110 High Structural Opening
The default architrave (trim) should be of the following size:
19 x 69
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4 hours ago, Christiaan said:

For the same reasons we need to be able to define the gap between the door leaf and floor. As well as being able to define the shim gap to the top of the door separately from the sides, as this can often be different.


I agree - in the U.S. the distance from the top of finish floor to the bottom of the door is known as the 'door undercut height', and it can vary from door-to-door depending on the floor finishes on both sides of the door. The 'Door Gaps' and 'Door Undercut Heights' should have their own Fields to be able to be included on Door Schedules.


Fire-rated door assemblies have maximum acceptable gap allowances around the perimeter of the door in the closed position. If the gap is larger than allowable, then we need to specify a fire-rated perimeter seal - which would need to be identified on the Door Schedule.

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[Bump again]. 


In a Vw2020 Section Viewport, my door PIOs were showing as being connected to the slab, so I checked my Door Style to see if we could define the door Undercut (or Threshold Gap). It's still not possible to define door gaps in Vw2020. Please provide this functionality.

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