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Window sill improvements



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As far as I can see the sill capability of the window tool is still a problem, in c2020. Its method seems to be as in this thread still :-

Surely I am missing something and 6 years have not in fact passed without improvement? To avoid sill issues I model windows by creating a hybrid symbol, S1. It contains all components parts, eg sills inside and outwards, reveal linings, etc etc. It's not checked to insert into walls. I use it with a second symbol, s2, its sole purpose is to include a 3D wall hole component designed to preserve 2D appearance on plan whilst creating space in the wall for S1. I am sure I could use S1 with the window tool directly. Just not tried it yet...any comments welcome.

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In complete agreement.  I would add that if the sill is turned on on the outside, the stool can't be turned off on the inside.  The extensions (ears) are also presently linked, so if you have different width casing on the exterior and the interior of the window (common) one of them will be wrong.

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I completely agree with all of the above.


Here is an example of a "sill" I was "capable" of achieving with VW, versus a real-life window:



Customer and builder expectations of the accuracy of the model are increasing continuously. We've had some cases where the painter subcontractor has asked for extra compensation since the jamb and trims of the window were not modeled 100% correctly (since it was not possible to achieve the exact correct end result with the current VW tool).


BTW since up here north we don't have a localised version, trying to understand the US-UK-AUS-NZ window terminology is indeed mighty confusing...perhaps a visual guide as part of the user manual could be implemented?




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JMR. Thank you for quoting mgries's post. Add profile tool. Great idea. So yes I think maybe the way for VWX software designers to go is to think of the window and its opening separately. So the window tool controls frame and glazing only. Then an "Add Profile" tool developed into a "Window Opening" tool is used with it. The WO tool controls every other part of the whole installation.....( In my ideal world there are very few windows punched through walls anyway! Just transparant walls. But I often have to work at small scale in the local vernacular. This and a conservative Planning/Zoning policy in the UK forces traditional fenestration.

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