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Merge Select Similar Tool with Custom Selection



Select Similar Tool should have the same type of functions as the Custom Selection Command.


For example, we want to be able to select all windows with the same ID and we want to be able to quickly access the saved selection criteria later as it is in the Select Similar Tool. Yes, we know that the Custom Selection Command can create a script that can be accessed later, however if we have 200+ windows and doors and need to create a script for each to be accessed later it takes too long.


What we want is to simply be able to choose ID (or frame thickness or fire-rating or certain record term or what ever) as the search criteria in the Select Similar tool dialog and then click on the object to select all… and we want to be able to save the criteria combination for later use.


Essentially a merger of the Select Similar Tool and Custom Selection.

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Yes this would be nice to have, especially for objects which have records attached that don't have the same content in another drawing (in my case it would be symbols used in GIS data where the record content varies by project but the rest is the same (symbol and record names etc)

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