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Kitchen Door Fronts

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Hi, We often have to model a kitchen and we don't have a posh cabinet program and we are at the concept design stage and need to walk the Client through the kitchen so the attached file is the first pass at  quick and easy  way to set up the drawer and door fronts using marionette. We have finger pulls  to make it a bit more tricky.

So I have 4 symbol sample drawer pulls in a symbol folder that you can access via the OIP drop down menu. Adjust the size of the panels in the OIP. Make sure you have view 3D locus on as you join the panels side by side and on top of each other by linking the nodes. This way you can vary the gap between the panels.

Let me know if you run into any issues or see a better way to set up the network.

Don't use Cup'd handle 4, if you do you will get a huge box as no symbol available for it. Just click again on the box and choose another symbol and it will reset.


One interesting thing just noticed is if you make the panel narrower than it is high the texture rotates.

Will need to resolve this.

Also you can delete this rotate node as per attached, Was trying something.






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Hi, Attached file has design layer that walk you through the process I used to make this door/drawer front. 

Follow the video posted at youtu.be/8RsQWPTzL20 (you will need to add the  https://)

Hope this assist in your understanding of the process of using Marionette.

Once learnt you will have the tools to speed up a simple process like this that took time the manual way.



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