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Worksheet totals not consistent

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I'm just learning about worksheets and generating reports.

I've created a worksheet for a wall style and have 2 issues i can't resolve.


1)  When multiplying Net Area and Price/ SqFt, the numbers are off.  (The functions maybe wrong?)


2)  Using =COMPNAMEBYCLASS  i have the wall components listed to determine price/sqFt. but the total Net Area for each component and the wall styles don't match up. Or are they not supposed to?


Attached is the file.  Any insight into what i'm doing wrong is greatly appreciated.



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Look in File > Document Settings > Units.  Your file has the area precision set to 1.  So in the worksheet it displays the the area rounded off to the nearest whole number, but in the calculation it uses all the decimal points it has.


A couple options:  

1.  Increase the precision of the document area units.

2.  If you want the area to display in whole units then round it in the worksheet.  Then the calculations will use the rounded value and not the actual, hidden value.  To do this just use the existing function call inside a ROUND Function.  So in Column C the =WALLAREA_NET call would be =ROUND(WALLAREA_NET)

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The component on the outside of a corner is going to have more area than on the inside of that corner.  The difference will be the thickness of the connecting wall.  So the exterior components will usually have more area than the interior gyp board. 


If you draw a single straight wall with no corners all the components will have equal area.

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