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2D front view vector-based door schedules



We need to be able to generate a live 2D front view representation of doors and we need to be able to dimension them with associative dimensions. We’d also like to be able to edit/override individual line-types and line-weights as you can with a viewport.

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As our Building Code Changed in 2015 and we need 860 clear path of travel. As most North American Door manufactures generally don't make a 860 clear commercial door the alternative is to go from the old standard 915 (36") door to a 965 (38") door. We have found the need due to space considerations, to use a 915 door so we have specified special order doors. The result is we need to show #11  in some instances to prove to a building official that we have 860 CLEAR path of travel through a door. So we draw the frame stop in & mark all doors SIM. Having #11 would be great! (So would a standard 925 or 930 commercial door btw)

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