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Wood screw plig-in object


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Are there any wood screw plug-in objects available for VW 10.5? I can't seem to find them and they would be very useful for my finish detailing, cabinetry, and woodworking. The machine screw plug-in just doesn't cut it. I thought that I might be able to simply preference for wood threads but not so. This same question was asked on 6-8-2000 for VW 8.5 but received no answer. Anyone today? Thanks, bc

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Ray & BC,

In Netscape you need to right button click, or pull down menu, and save target file as... I tried it and it openned on my mac. Maybe BC has an earlier version of VW than Ray?. BC sned me an email and I could send the file back to you if that would be a help.

Ray, are you also in the exhibit business? Your hanging clips are quite familiar.

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Bryan, thank for helping. Would it help Mac downloaders if the link were on a web page or is it the same process?

Actually I would like to get into exhibit work, right now I do freelance design and drawing for high end cabinetry. We do a fair amount of wall panels and use hanging clips for those and other applications.

I see you are in Wisconsin, I'm down here in Chicago.

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Well enough already....I have succeeded at importing the file to my resource browser and it is wonderful and will be a huge help to me in my details. I so appreciate this forum and the great folks who patronize it even to the extent necessary in dealing with novices who don't fully comprehend their operating systems or programs. This is how we learn, sometimes, via the patience of others. Now if I can only remember how I did that...........ha. Perhaps I'll eventually be able to offer help to others. Thanks again.

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