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VW 2017 SP 3 mac spotlight

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I have a mayor problem which I just discovered in the Spotlight module.

When I select a random lighting instrument and select "Edit" and perform a random edit, VW crashes immediately.

This happens on all the Mac's we use VW on.

Also we discovered an issue with Inserting Lighting Positions, this feature is not working properly anymore.

I would appreciate a quick reaction on these issues !!



Pelle Herfst
Lighting Designer

Westerdoksdijk  679
NL 1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands-EEC

T: +31 20 62 06 212
M: +31 6 53 15 18 77
E: pelle@rapenburgplaza.nl
W: www.rapenburgplaza.com

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, Pelle Herfst said:

Hi Markdd,

I threw away the RunTimeCache as described in the thread but it did not solve the crashing problem for me unfortunately.




21 minutes ago, willburgher said:

I have just come across this when trying to put shutters in on lights, no sign of the RuntimeCache in my plug-in folder 


If you already updated to the latest service pack (sp3) and removing the runtimecache did not resolve your issue, make sure to get in touch with support directly and they can get you sorted out. tech@vectorworks.net

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
Just now, rsearcy said:

Any update to this issue? Same problem here when trying to add, edit or select a lighting instrument. Trashing the RuntimeCache did not help.


Contacting tech@vectorworks.net directly is your next step in that case.

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