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Grass shader rendering difficulties


HI can anybody help me? I'm having issues understanding why i can't get a grass shader to render correctly on a site model. I'm using a custom render style with grass checked in the options but it always appears as a flat image rather than as grass blades. The site model is set as a 3D mesh solid with the grass shader applied as a texture. I've tested the grass shader on a smaller site model mock up and it works fine - but not on the larger model. All things are equal so what am i missing!? Files attached showing test screenshot and main model.


Using VW2017


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.23.51.png

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Probably too late but I've found your post while searching in forum because i've similar problem.


After hours of spended time on my file, i've found that the grass appers UNDER the site model!!  The texture is inverted.  Look at your site model from below and you'll see the grass. Or make an elevation viewport by cuting in the middle of the texture area...




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Yes, all faces of a "solid" site model are flipped.

You can't see that in VW but in a 3D App when you activate face normals display.

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