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Slab Drainage - Slab Elevation Labels


I wish there was a separate means of controlling the decimal rounding for the slab elevation labels. It appears to be dependent on whatever the units setting was at the time it was created. We usually work with the decimal rounding set to the maximum number of places possible so when something is off due to a crooked line or whatever it is easily visible.


Unless the units setting is temporarily set to not more than 2 decimal places the labels are not legible when close together. As far as I can tell the only workaround is to temporarily "dumb down" the rounding in the unit setting - make a temporary adjustment to drain layout - then re-set units setting back to original higher level of precision.


I wish there was an easier way to do that. Same as there is a rounding option for the percentage of slope there should a rounding option for the elevation labels.


Also it would be nice if the elevation labels were included for the ridge lines between 2 drains.


An option for a dual Roof/Overflow drain sump would be nice to have also. Would be nice to have a custom size option for a simple rectangular sump.


Please consider adding these options. Thank you.

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+1 to all of these.


I would also add that here in the U.S., rigid insulation roofing tapers are usually specified in inches / foot slope (e.g. 1/2" : 12"). I would like to be able to have an option to show the Slab Drainage units as inches / foot slope (in addition to the current % slope).

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I definitely agree with rDesign's suggestion. I currently have to turn off the % slope labels and manually replace them with labels in inches / foot. Typically our roof slopes are always referenced in inches / foot and for us representing slopes by percentage is usually only used for sloped concrete surfaces or paved areas. It's important to be able to show in either format.

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