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Publish Command dpi settings

Benson Shaw


If a list of Sheet Layers is present in the right hand side of the Publish dialog, then using the Publish To PDF>Options dialog to adjust output dpi seems to have no effect. The settings are not saved in Saved Set, or even if the Options dialog is closed/reopened. Adjusting the dpi settings seems to have not effect on published file size.


Specific cases
1. Several methods will select all the items in the list: A. Select any item, then press CmdA (MacOS Select All). 2. Click/Drag from top to bottom of the list to highlight all items. 3. Click to select the top item, then Shift Click the bottom item.


The problem: If method A is used, the Publish To PDF Options button is grey. Why?  If methods B or C are used to select the entire list, the Publish To and Options buttons are active.


2. Select the entire list with method B or C above and click the Options button, then adjust the DPI setting, eg to 72. Save the set and name it SavedSet-72dpi. Empty the Publish list, eg with the Remove All button (dbl arrow). 


The problem: Call the SavedSet-72dpi (loads the set into the Publish side).  Click any item in the list, then the Options button.  The dpi shows the default (300 in my drawing). The 72 dpi was not saved in the Set.


3. Similar to  above, but for individual sheets instead of entire set.  In any publish list (saved set or new list), click/select a single item>Options.  Adjust the dpi value. Close the Options dialog. Reopen the Options dialog.  The dpi reverted to original setting.


Any thoughts on controlling the output dpi of sets or singles within the publish list?




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