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Shift to snap not working after panning

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Hey everyone... I'm having an issue with my shift to snap (either horizontally or vertically). If I begin to draw a polygon with the shift key pressed, I'm able to snap to a straight axis. However, if I pan to continue drawing across the model space, I lose the ability to snap as shift no longer works. 


I've never had this issue before... is this a VW 2017 bug? Any thoughts?


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I do not lose the SHFIT after (temporarily) panning by MMB.


But in general, SHIFT does not lock to an Axis. It is more like a guide only.

If you want to lock to X, but need to snap to a point that is more far in Y, it will fail.

It will switch to a Y lock if your cursor direction exceeds the 45° angle.

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When I start a line or polygon and hit shift it locks me to a horizontal or vertical axis... (either a red dotted guide or green depending on whether I'm in the horizontal or vertical axis) but once I pan shift no longer works to either lock or even guide in a horizontal or vertical direction. 


I'm also unable to snap to my starting point to try and generate an alignment guide... smart points is turned on. 

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What VW Version and OS do you have ?


It works for me here on OS X in VW 2017.

We have to keep SHIFT pressed to continue to work.

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Thanks for your responses... I think that I found my answer in the "smart curser settings". fiddled with those and did a restart and it seems to be back to the usual. I hadn't changed any setting which is what was confusing me, but I think that it's sorted itself out. 


Thank you again!


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Hi there, I also had the shift/snap feature stop working for me. One way to fix the issues is to go to vectorworks>preferences, then hit reset in the bottom left. 


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