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Remarkable Renderworks by Daniel Jansenson

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I watched the series of rendering videos in vectorworks 2017  getting started guides/online training but I am not able to get a coherent rendering throughout the viewports.  As you can see, some are overexposed while some do not render properly the reflections associated with the mirrors. Note that some viewports are camera based VP and others (looking like OpenGL) are interior elevations with a perspective view. The file is attached and you will be able to see that all the viewports use the same custom rendering. What am I doing wrong and why am i not able to get this consistant look throughout? I spent many hours trying to get this but I am getting quite unsatisfied with this process.

Thanks for your help





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Currently there is no more standard brightness slider in Render Styles.

If you want to control brightness, you will need a camera to create a viewport from

and extend the advanced settings below to set a suitable time/aperture combination.

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On 5/13/2020 at 12:49 AM, trashcan said:

Workaround: different classed lights for different viewports? 


Dear Trashcan,

I just came across this post - classes are not the go.

The Window>Palettes>Visualisation Palette is the place to control all lighting including viewports. Have a look here.


Also don't forget that you can apply Image Effects to viewports meaning among other things you can control the exposure after a render.




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