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How to extend a line?

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I am trying to extend a line in Vectorworks 2016 on a mac. It is not long enough, and I would like to extend it a certain distance. I know in autocad there is an extend command, is there something like that in Vectorworks?




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This goes into greater detailed than needed, but explains the basic method of reshaping objects (control points) which also applies to lines:



If you're extending the line TO some other geometry, this may also be useful:


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1 hour ago, Marcb said:

I would like to extend it a certain distance.


I would :

Select the Line

In Object Info Palette set the origin to start or end point

Set coordinates to polar if needed

Click in Length number field to activate

click behind current length number

Add +x.xx distance behind the length number

press ENTER

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What zoomer said, but with one key addition. See the image below:




I've circled 2 key pieces that aren't clearly marked. The grid and circle with a dot switch the line from rectangular to polar coordinates. You can switch at will, it does not change the line in any way. 


The 3 dots below indicate something called "segment position." If you extend the line with the current setting, the additional length will go to the right. If you click the center dot, any extension will go equally to either side. Note that this applies to 2 dimensional shapes too, but there are 9 dots instead of 3.



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