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3D Residential models - Clip cube views & viewports

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Is it possible to create views with a model cut with clip cubes while having other viewports showing complete models? 

I have elevations viewports in OpenGL (rendering for clip cubes) and details in 3d that I would like to isolate using the clip cube. If I leave the clip cube option on then both viewports will show clipped views of the model and the detail. Is is possible to avoid this "overall " effect. 

Thank you


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Thank you Jonathan, I looked at the video and tried to implement, still not sure how stable this solution is with respect to maintaining the cut location. It seems as if the clip cube goes away if I turn it off to keep working. Does this method work for just production of an image, jpeg or else.? 

Anyway right now my computer froze while doing a section viewport with that method. Frustrating since the file is 60 megs. 

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