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HELP!!! Dongel-probs...

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Im in a very ty situation.

A few days ago my dongel broke, so i sent out for a new one and Nemetschek (bless them) sent me a new one with a new serial-number.

The thing is that no matter how many times i re-install VW, it just can?t seem to find the dongel.

I suspect that it?s some kind off a conflict with some kind off script by my old serial-number.

I realy don?t have a clue!

Please help me.... I Can?t work without a CAD-program...

Bets Reguards/ [Frown]

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You'll need to delete the VW Preferences file in the User Home>Library>Preferences VW Prefs file.

Make sure the item is not only moved to the trash but the trash is emptied also.

You should be able to just launch VW without reinstalling it and enter your new serial number with the new dongle plugged in.

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