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I had a working title block that would position correctly and data fields would fill in correctly. Had to get a new computer and somehow messed up the title block. So, decided to start from scratch and make a new one. I followed video tutorial in KB. After much trouble, got it working but the titleblock comes in positioned wrong. I tried editing it in Resource Manager but just can't get it.


Hard to see in this screen shot but the title block is positioned with lower right corner on the 0,0 crosshair.




But when I insert it, it comes in displaced:




any help would so appreciated.

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So, some how I seem to have fixed that. 


But can anyone tell me ow to correct a link for a text field?


I need to change my 'Sheet Title' from 'S_SHEET TITLE" to 'Sheet Title_SN' but I can't figure out how to access the records



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The records can be accessed in the Resource Manager. Make sure that your current file is selected in the lefthand column, then in the dropdown near the top make sure "All Resources" or "Record Formats" is selected. Your Record Format should show up, which you can right click and edit.


By the way, after editing a field that's already attached to text in a title block, I've found that sometimes I have to go back into the title block Symbol and relink the field to the text (Tools<Records<Link Text to Record) for the change to take effect. Hypothetically you shouldn't have to do this, but it's been buggy for me before and this seems to be the fix.

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