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Is vectorworks effective with BIM?

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We do BIM-ish projects. From single & multi family residential as well as commercial. They are not fully BIM but as 100% of Architecture & 75%-85% of the sub consultants are 3D we are setting the table to work on fully BIM projects when a client is looking for BIM compliance. 

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This is probably not going to worth much but it's as effective as the end user's knowledge of the program. With that said, I feel that Vectorworks is the best software in terms of the amalgamation of 2-d documentation and BIM. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing, you'll have to really dig deep into the actual practice of your firm and how you intend to use the software on a day to day basis (or project by project basis). However, in my opinion, Vectorworks still is somewhat lacking in terms of BIM but for the things that it does do, it's pretty darn good. Others might disagree but to me, Vectorworks is a jack of all trades but a master of none. 

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No one want to answer Marcb's question bindingly, so do I.

It depends ...


One other thing to look at is what Software your Partners and Clients use and

if a Compatibility or an Exchange may be needed or useful.


And if Collaboration in drawing is needed.

These range from very easy to use VW file based Project Sharing to complex

Server based solutions with OS binding.


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