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setting the center point of an orbital (rotation) animation

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I've got a unified view model that I want to animate (orbital 360º rotation). I've done this lots of times successfully. Every once in a while the center point of the model is "off". The result being that the house (model) is sweeping toward you and then swinging out away from you...instead of (what I want) which would be more like if the house were sitting in the center of a turntable and you spun it around. How do I get my rotation center point back to where it needs to be?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

When you are creating the animation, you can use Selection under the Animation Options for Orbit, then it should center automatically. You can alternatively set the working plane where you want the center of the model to be and use that point as the orbit reference. 

Though usually if it starts swinging wide out of nowhere, it means it was moved off of document 0,0,0 or a new object was added off to the side if youre not using the document origin for the orbit point.

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