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Benson Shaw

Color fill twig

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Another plant tool query:


Generic "Small Shade Tree 01 object has components classed for outline, canopy, interior linework, and color fill.  The only color fill classed object is a single short line - sort of a twig similar to the interior linework. Does it have a function for display or other use?


This wouldn't be an issue except that if this resourc plant definition is duplicated to use as basis for a new custom plant object, the new object does not display properly if that "twig" is present.  My discovery: Duplicate the resource, edit the 2d components. Replace or reshape all the elements, leave the twig as is, or move it to new position.  Now place the new custom plant object into a drawing. The shadow and mass outline functions do not work.  Edit the definition 2d elements and delete the twig. Now the shadow and mass outlines display as expected.


Any ideas?



Color Fill Twig.png

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Here's the update.


In a duplicate Plant resource where elements are replaced with new geometry in corresponding classes . . .


• Line object in the Color Fill class (the "twig") is present, and

•Twig is fully or partially concealed by other objects, eg the Canopy


•the Shadow and Multi Outline features do not work.


If the "twig" is not present, the Plant object works as expected.

3d elements not changed in the duplicated Plant objects.  Same image prop.


Image and vwx v2017 file attached




Cloned Plant Object.png


Edited by Benson Shaw
3d note

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