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IFC Import Updates


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Hi Guys, 


I have started working in a architectural practice who has decided to take on Vectorworks. So this is new to me and them. So far, having used Revit, I am enjoying the user friendliness of VW. 

However we are working on a large apartment building with modelling for mech etc. being done externally and then being imported as IFC. What is the best way to update the ifc file when changes are made? So far its been a case of delete and re-import otherwise we are seeing duplication. Is this correct?


I have done quite a bit of searching on this topic but am unable to bring up anything directly applicable. Maybe I am searching with the wrong terms?


I have also been looking to using a DLVP instead but this option seems to have less flexibility? 


Using 2017 Architect.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi, Adzm,


The recommended technique for this is what we call "shuttle files". Essentially, you import the IFC to a blank file and then reference that "shuttle file" into your working file as a Design Layer viewport. I'm in a meeting right now and can't elaborate, but perhaps you can find something about this technique in the knowledge base.

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Not to confuse things but this is the other Robert Anderson middle initial D. Robert is correct that a best practice is to create the "shuttle file". I have often recommended to my clients to use this approach and it seems to work. As of 2017 release your approach of importing and deleting is the only way. If as Robert suggests you use a "shuttle file" your visibilities will remain the same and you will not have to deal with that too much, unless your MEP adds layers or is sloppy on the drafting. Prior to version 2014 this was the only way to handle DWG files but now you can reference them seamlessly.


Best of luck! If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me.

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While Shuttle files may be robust and still important,

isn't it state of the art now to use the new IFC format extension that came with VW 2017,

that will send only the parts of an IFC model that have changed since the last imported version ?

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Thanks for all the replies. The shuttle file process is what I meant by using the dlvp. As Robert D Anderson said this only becomes an issue with a layer change. Or if i want to switch on/off classes. 




Zoomer - this is what I wondered? Does it know what has been updated and just overlay? 

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