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Clip Surface Polyline

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  I'm guessing here, but I think your Polyline has too many vertices, even though 338 seems like it is a small enough number. I say this for two reasons, both speculative.


1) If I convert your Polyline to a Polygon (Using: Modify > Convert > Convert To Polygons), the result is about half your original shape and the vertex count hits 32,712. It looks like the operation aborted when the "Polygon" vertex count got close to the limit of 32,766.


2) If I cut your Polyline in half (and close each half), I CAN clip the surface as I expect I should. 


My advice is to either simplify the shape (a lot), or cut it into smaller pieces that VW can handle.






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The shape is not closed even though it says it is. When you shift into a 3d view it doesn't have a fill. Here's the steps to solve it -

  1. extrude your shape
  2. use the Extract Tool in Extract Surface Mode to extract the top surface from the extrude. Make sure the Preferences are set to Create Planar Objects.
  3. this will give you a new, corrected version of your shape. Note that it has 339 points and is now actually a closed, filled shape.
  4. the new shape will add or clip surface as expected.

I often find the Extract Tool will fix problem geometry. It is my go-to tool for this type of problem.


I've attached an example file with my steps and end result.




Polyline Example KM.vwx

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