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VW Viewer needs to allow textures

Andy Broomell


With 2017's "Renderworks for everyone" I was hoping that textures would work in the Vectorworks Viewer as well. I need to be able to send my file to someone who doesn't own VW and have them be able to use the walkthrough tool in OpenGL and see the finishes.  I understand not including Renderworks render styles, but without textures, the Vectorworks Viewer is fairly useless to our team.

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Dang, I haven't tried Viewer for couple of years and it's still not great for clients and consultants to use to get a good idea of the spaces I've designed.

Was hoping this would be fixed. Is there something in pipeline?

Measuring works well - it's a tantalising taste of a future where builders build from models, not drawings.



Textures need to be enabled - without them the building model becomes too abstract for lots of people who aren't building designers to understand

Visualisation - lights need to be enabled (eg: for looking at how sunny or shady a space might be throughout the year).

Navigation - users need to be able to at least turn layers and classes on and off.


VW, please make this work better for users!

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Upvote for textures!


Another note, at least on my machines, it co-opts the file type and then clicking on a file opens it in the viewer instead of regular VW !


Plus the program icon (for windows at least) looks exactly like the regular VW icon - so I've accidentally opened the viewer instead of the real program...

...much confusion ensued.


Feels like an abandon project.

Which is to bad, AutoCAD has a nice, clean, simple client viewer that was so helpful in communicating with clients.



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