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VW Viewer needs to allow textures

Andy Broomell


With 2017's "Renderworks for everyone" I was hoping that textures would work in the Vectorworks Viewer as well. I need to be able to send my file to someone who doesn't own VW and have them be able to use the walkthrough tool in OpenGL and see the finishes.  I understand not including Renderworks render styles, but without textures, the Vectorworks Viewer is fairly useless to our team.

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Dang, I haven't tried Viewer for couple of years and it's still not great for clients and consultants to use to get a good idea of the spaces I've designed.

Was hoping this would be fixed. Is there something in pipeline?

Measuring works well - it's a tantalising taste of a future where builders build from models, not drawings.



Textures need to be enabled - without them the building model becomes too abstract for lots of people who aren't building designers to understand

Visualisation - lights need to be enabled (eg: for looking at how sunny or shady a space might be throughout the year).

Navigation - users need to be able to at least turn layers and classes on and off.


VW, please make this work better for users!

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Upvote for textures!


Another note, at least on my machines, it co-opts the file type and then clicking on a file opens it in the viewer instead of regular VW !


Plus the program icon (for windows at least) looks exactly like the regular VW icon - so I've accidentally opened the viewer instead of the real program...

...much confusion ensued.


Feels like an abandon project.

Which is to bad, AutoCAD has a nice, clean, simple client viewer that was so helpful in communicating with clients.



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I just had a client use a Viewer for the first time. I was surprised that they couldn't see the textures. If the viewer's main function is to show your work to the client, who often can't visualize very well, it seems that enabling textures is a pretty important feature to omit. 


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