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  • Marionette Maven

My best guess is that your 'None' class has its fill attribute set to None and that your columns are being created with those attributes.


In the OIP, when you click the 'Get Finishes/Classes', what are the classes listed?

If they are set to either 'None' or <Column Class>, in your navigation palette, under the Classes tab, right click on the 'None' class and select 'Edit', what does that window look like?


That is how I was able to reproduce what you were seeing.

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1 hour ago, Drake said:

I have attached another screenshot showing the attributes and object info palettes while the object is selected.


I see at first that the OIP column dialog is a nightmare with no visible hierarchy what is most and what is less important

and that it is far too long for what such a simple column should be at the end.



the special Class assignment options will come at the lower second part of the long list.


That way you can assign all your Columns into an overall Main Column Class while defining

special Materials for its individual Components, for better Visibilities Control and Oragniszation.

Just like you would for other Architectural Plugin Objects like Walls, Windows, ...




Shouldn't the Attribute Palette show "by Class" Attributes when the Ccolumn is selected and the None Class

had no Fill but controls the Column ?

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So I sent the file to Tech support and this is how we corrected the problem.  Despite the fact that I was trying to use class overrides for the fill, apparently it was still using 'by class' and the 'None' class that I was using had no fill.  When I changed the None class to 'solid fill', the column was rendered as a solid!  I changed the class to one that had a solid class fill and moved on.

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