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Wall Components in Worksheet


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Is there a way to itemize each of the wall components in a wall style in the database of a worksheet?  I was able to create a worksheet with the wall style showing dimensions, costs, etc without a problem.



In the database header, i tried setting the criteria to the class of the component but there must be more to it since it didn't work.



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It is not going to be easy to get the information requested into a database row.


Can you step back and explain what your true use for the information is? Why do you need it and how you are going to use it?  Maybe we can come up with some possible suggestions.


My first thought is how would you want to even display this information. If you have a database row for a Wall Style, how would the component information be displayed? The normal way to display this would be to have each component have a separate column. Would that work for you? 


Do you just need the component names, or do you also want all of the component information.


If you don't need it in the database, the various Component functions (ComponentName, ComponentArea,ComponentVolume, etc) can be accessed in a worksheet cell by passing a criteria to the wall style (and maybe a wall object using that style haven't tried that) and a number of the component. Up to you to determine how many components you need.  Something like


=COMPONENTNAME(((WST='Basement-CIP Conc 12"-Furred')), 1)  would return Basement-CIP Conc 12"-Furred  (yes I know this is a kind of dumb example, but it was quick and easy to do).


Let us know more about what you want/need and maybe we can help.

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I try to figure out if it was possible to get a list of all walls components. What ever is the wall style I just want all the component used in my building (insulation, concrete...).

The problem is that componentName ask me for a number, corresponding to the number into the wall style. There is a way to say that I want all of theme like 'componentName(all)' or something like this. You will find enclosed the file with some walls and the worksheet supposed to list all component. In fact the list is only the first layer of each wall, which is not what I want.




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I've asked this same question in another string. Sorry I did not find this first. Here is the link. 


But no answer for you! I'll post any good suggestions. If "component" was listed under type, It might simply be a case of "list all types of component" that are also wall type A, then create a worksheet for each wall type. But Component does not appear in the list. So I could not work it out either. 

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Hello @C.Miguel


Just to report some progress. Good suggestions by @JMR in the forum string linked in my previous post. In short, add the database control:




to the header, the number in brackets denotes the component name it will call up. so my spreadsheet at the moment has headers that run:
















This lists out all the components as per the original forum post. Albeit in a horizontal line, one row per wall object (which is then summarized to display one row for each wall type in the document). 


It produces a quite intense worksheet when you have a lot of wall types and a lot of components.  


Hope this helps.


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