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Driveways and pathways


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Hi there,


I am trying to work out the best way to accurately model a driveway with falls in multiple directions.

The driveway isn't rectangular.  


I have attached a screenshot to indicate what I mean.


What would be the best method to approach modelling this accurately with the correct falls and gradients?




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This is difficult task in VW's. Probably more difficult than in real life (with a D9). I would start by creating Pads with Boundaries in the Site Model. Then for modeling and visualization I would overly the whole paved portion with a Texture Bed. The most difficult part is accurately connecting the Pads where they intersect. Pads can now have two slope directions, which helps some. But unfortunately I don't believe we yet have the ability to create curved/cambered surfaces with Site Modifiers. Ultimately you need to think in terms of 3d triangles (which is what the Site Model is made of). You might also use 3d Polys and/or Nurbs Surfaces, and then use those as Modifiers. I would suggest creating this in more than one part, using as few parts as possible to get the desired result. Please post back with further questions and results!

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Ya this is hard, but what I've been using more recently is nurbs curves along with the Loft Surface Tool.  Takes getting use too but I like the "smoothness" of them and makes my renders more life like on sloped surfaces whether its driveways, roads or grass.  Nurbs won't solve all situations and in certain areas I need to triangulate surfaces by using the 3D polygon.  Roads or like objects with T intersections as an example my require that you use 4 sets of nurbs curves using the Loft Surface Tool.  You will never get one surface in one go unless its flat and nothing is ever truly flat when it comes to landscaping.

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