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Creating New classes

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I'm finding this problem using both Mac OS9 and Mac OS10. When I go to "Organize/classes" and create a new class, the class does not appear in the window. I can, however, find the class under "object info".

Starting with a new file, this problem does not occur, but with files where I have imported dwgs which already have existing classes, this problem occurs frequently. I also cannot view some of the imported classes on the organize/classes window even though "object info" tells me they exist.

Am I up against some sort of number limit or is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Email the DXF file and your VW file to tech support to have them further evaluate the problem.

It sounds like something in the DXF File is causing either a corruption or something else.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Ian, there is a limit to how many classes will display in the Class setup dialog on the Mac, due to a limitation in Macintosh code for listboxes. In one testfile, it will display about 1800 of the 2000 classes in the file. The number of classes it will display is affected by the length of the class name, so if a file has long class names, the dialog won't be able to hold as many classes. Do you have a large number of classes in this file?

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