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Subtract object from Wall Style

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When I subtract an extruded rectangle (a box) from a wall, the wall seems to cease being a proper wall style and instead becomes a basic 3D object.


Is this what I should expect to happen? Is there a way for the wall to retain its full properties after subtracting from it?

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No. Any time you do a 3d Subtraction/Addition/Intersection the resulting object will be a 3d Solid, not a wall.


If the cut out you need is at an edge of the wall you could use the 3D Reshape tool to add extra reshape handles and "notch" the wall around the object.


If it is in the middle you could use a Window with a Sash Style of Opening or Cased Opening to get the result you are looking for.

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If the opening is in the middle of the wall you can also use the AEC command with an extrude or any other solid and create wall recess.  This gives some degree of control as to whether it shows up in plan. 


If the opening is at the corner.  You can use a window, make it a cased opening, and select the corner window option.



Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 4.10.14 PM.png

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Thanks for the replies. 


It is a recess that we are trying to create rather than an opening. I've attached a basic plan and section indicating the external wall type we would like to create. These occur many times across all of our facades.


@Pat Stanfordthe 3D Reshape tool seems like it might work. Where is it located? 






Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.01.49.png

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This is what I would do. 


It's kind of  a workaround, and arguably not the best BIM, but it will work.  VW doesn't have the ability to resolve wall components like you are showing, at least not as far as I am aware.  Here's what I would do.


First, create two wall types one with the brick recessed, and the other with the brick outboard.  Then create an opening as described above.  Either with a cased opening, wall recess, or whatever method is easiest.  Then fit the one wall into the other wall, making sure not to join them.59034d06f05ea_ScreenShot2017-04-28at10_08_06AM.png.9d8061f0a9b036c2d1e939c632f003d3.png


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4 hours ago, TArchit said:

@Pat Stanfordthe 3D Reshape tool seems like it might work. Where is it located?

It is just the standard Reshape tool in Basic Tools Palette. With a wall selected you get three modes, 1 to move a wall peak, 1 to add a wall peak and 1 to remove a wall peak.


The only trick is that you can't have any true vertical "cuts" you will need to have at least a minimal amount of different in the "X" positions (depending on the accuracy you need maybe 1 or even 0.1 mm)


Another way to accomplish something similar is to use the Fit Walls to Objects in the AEC menu.

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What about just making the recessed wall a symbol and dropping into the actual wall? You could still make a new Wall Style for the recessed wall to help the Top/Plan view. I was a little lazy in this example. The inserted wall should be thinner so as to flush on the back part of the wall. The nice thing here is you can still adjust the height in OIP, and/or edit the symbol if needed.

Wall 3D.jpg

Wall Top.jpg

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