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Marionette for beginners

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I'm trying to get my head around marionette. Watched a recent webinar, so got the principle, but it's the definitions/ function of all the nodes I'm struggling with. I wondered if there's a list of the various commands 'node' with descriptions/ definitions/ examples of applications/ functions that I can print to familiarize myself with them?



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Currently, the only thing in existence that I am aware of is this:




However, I believe the last time it was touched was right after Marionette's initial release in Vectorworks 2016, so the list may be outdated in some places.

Since then we've added a few new nodes and removed some nodes that were considered obsolete, but it can be a decent starting place for you.


I'm also always available to help you out, so if you're ever stuck, just let me know!

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Hi @Marissa Farrell, I'm keen to - and will gladly - uptake your offer to help this week, but after getting stifled again by my inability to figure out what particular nodes do and how to use them, I performed a search for a list of definitions like @MRD Mark Ridgewelldid above - so that I may teach myself as-I-go any time. I note that the definitions in that page you linked to are identical to the definitions within the nodes themselves, so apart from being browsable and searchable, it's of no greater help. I see exponential benefits possible for existing users, beginners and would-be users if there were complete definitions accompanied by laymen explanations [somewhere] so that we can build the community knowledge and explore more possibilities faster. 


Unless there's a decided strategy at Vectorworks Inc that doesn't align with this type of provision, I think it makes sense to enable the community to fish for themselves as well as having the excellent and experienced support dedicated staff offer. What are your thoughts? Anything in the pipeline for such a thing? 


EDIT: I just realised I didn't tag you Marissa so I've just done it now so that you would be notified of my message. 

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