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John Callan

View & Print Multiple Elevations?

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How can I get two elevations of the same layer linked building onto a single page for printing?


[ 01-24-2004, 10:04 PM: Message edited by: John Callan ]

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One can always duplicate the layer link and then rotate (while in plan view) to show a different elevation on the same layer.

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John, If you really do want two (or more) elevations of the same layer link set of layers, definitely use Jim's suggestion.I played with his idea to get four views of the same set of layers:

  • create a new layer and set the scale to whatever is appropriate, it does not have to be the same as the layers that you want to link to.
  • View, Standard Views, Top/Plan
  • View #1: do the View, Create Layer link for the layers that you are interested in.
  • do an Edit Select all and then Edit Unlock so you can move the object around
  • do an Organize Group of that object just to make sure everyting stays together
  • move the layer linked object to the upper left hand corner of your page
  • View #2: duplicate the object
  • move it to the upper right hand corner
  • rotate it 90 degrees
  • View #3: duplicate that rotate object
  • move it to the lower lever left
  • rotate it 90 degrees
  • View #4: duplicate that rotate object
  • move it to the lower right

Now you should have four copies of the same set of layers, each pointing in a different direction. You are looking at them from the sky. To look at the face of each of the rotated objects:

  • do View, Standard Views, Front
  • you probably see pairs of objects sitting on top of each other
  • use Move or Nudge or the cursor to drag the objects around so you can see all four separetely.

At this point you should be able to see each side of the same layer linked object.

You can render this layer and move the objects around to make them look however you want them to look.What is nice about the layer linking and making duplicates of the layer linked object is that you can make changes on any of the original layers and that change will automatically appear in each of the layer linked objects.

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Far to tedious...someone wrote a script somewhere (which I have) which prints all 4 elevation views on a separate sheet, still linked to the model. Have to search for the site...

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Thanks! I was only trying to get my elevetions to appear on a printed page as they would appear in a traditional set of drawing sheets. But this idea is really interesting.

My machine is starting to slow down under the weight of the current file and the project is nearly complete, so I'll try it on another project.

Double thanks! Now I have a reason to buy some more RAM! As I anxiously await the G5 powerbook.

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