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HELP!!! VW17 has stopped exporting to C4d17 PLEASE!!


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Been working on VW for 20years and recently moved over to VW17 and exporting to Cinema 4d17.I work on a Mac.  Export function was working fine. After major hiccup this wkd i update OS (possible the worse idea ever) I then had to reload C4D as it would't work. Got it working now with the existing c4d files I created. But now I can't get the send to C4d export function to work, on a new file it asks to locate the C4D app, which I do then the dialog box won't click away.

tried all versions with C4d open and closed and with old files that are working in c4d but there is no update function. Tried also using export to c4d, but C4d doesn't recognise the file type..... whats going on !!!


Really in the dark as on a massive learning curve getting my head around C4d.... Please please help can find nothing on inter web.


Cheers Vic 

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I can open files in cd4 and work on them, these are the ones I created before the system hiccup I had on Saturday... which lead me to install Sierra, which then lead me to reinstall C4d as it stopped working (it did work for a brief period after OS upgrade) I've just managed to finish job using the C4D files already export prior to OS change, with out doing any VW updates of the model all my modelling is done in VW at the mo. Now I need to start a new job and use the workflow as it should be VW - c4d but can't get them to talk to each other..... am I making sense?

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Good idea, that worked, although it won't export the sphere... for now I will take it just so I can go get some sleep and crack on in the morning... deadline tomorrow and thank you most  humbly for your time and brains.... 


I have emailed both Maxon and VW... will try calling VW one the deadline is done..

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